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Locus Graph Editor

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Locus - Graph editor


Locus was written to provide a simple yet sophisticated graphing tool to the students I teach.  It is free to use and can be configured to be as simple or as complex as you could wish. 


It has the following features:
  • Formula based graph plotting in five operational modes:
    • Cartesian (non-parametric)
    • Polar (non-parametric)
    • Cartesian (parametric)
    • Polar (parametric)
    • Implicit
  • The user can watch the graph being plotted. This is very useful and educationally important. It is also rare among desktop graph editors.
  • Formulae can be entered in standard algebraic notation.
  • Functions can be input in user defined function notation.
  • Constants can be used
  • \'Families‘ of graphs can be plotted
  • Commonly used functions in each of the five modes can be saved and edited.
  • You can choose fully automatic axis scaling or have complete manual control.
  • It features a drag box zoom and an automated zoom out facility.
  • The graph can be moved up, down, right and left as required.
  • It can analyse gradients of functions and areas under graphs and draw gradient and integral functions.
  • Bi-variate data sets in Text, CSV or SID formats can be imported
  • User defined transformations of datasets using matrices or descriptions can be applied.
  • Statistical information including means, standard deviations and least squares regression lines can be calculated.
  • Data can be saved in Text, CSV, TSV, SID, Bitmap, GIF or LocFile format.
  • The user can print from the application.
  • All user definable features can be saved as defaults.

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