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Equivalent Fractions

N.B. You may find that some settings will result in a worksheet in which questions overlap. (For instance if you choose a high number of equivalent fractions to find, a high font size or a large number of columns.)

The possibility of these problems arising have been left in intentionally so that maximum flexibility is achieved. So if one layout doesn't work , just try another one.

Worksheet Title
Font for titles & headings
Font for questions
Number of Questions
Number of Equivalent fractions to find
Level of Difficulty
(Selecting none will result in a sheet using the easiest examples.)
 Base fraction numerator=1
 Base fraction numerator>1
What to find.  Find all numerators
 Find all denominators
 Mixed numerators & denominators
 Free input of numerators & denominators
Lay out questions with boxes for working
Lay out questions without boxes.
Working box text
Number of Columns
Row height
This number is multiplied by the height of your chosen font to give the approximate number of lines available for working.

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