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As a teacher who does a good deal of private tuition, one of the things that can  be quite tricky, is keeping track of my workload, invoicing clients and keeping tabs on who has paid their bills (and not!).  I also need to be able to keep notes on the students I teach so that I know what I have done and what still needs to be covered.

With these things in mind I have developed a web based database application which does these jobs for me.  For example: It used to take ages to create invoices to send out to clients.  With the TUITION MANAGER I can choose a client (parent), and very quickly create an invoice from all of the lessons that the student has booked, as a pdf which can be printed or emailed to the client.  It will also take care of cancelations and refunds.

To try it out, please follow this link TUITION MANAGER.  Please use the username "test" and the password "test".
If you are interested in purchasing a copy or in having a hosted version set up for you, please contact me on


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